Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Books I Can't Remember Much About

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I read a lot of book, and unlike Sherlock Holmes I do NOT have a mind palace. 

not me 

So it's only logical that some of the books I read don't stick around too clearly in the old brain for long, which is a shame except for the frightfully bad books in which case good riddance and plague me no longer!

Today's post is all about the books that got away. The ones that I look at and think....

what happened in your pages? I read you, I spent hours on you...I should know...but I don't

Let's get started...

This first one shames me for many reasons - not least because I only read it about a month ago!! In my defence, my mind is like a sieve and only keeps the big golden nuggets inside it...this one seems to have slipped through the holes. I loved Stalking Jack the Ripper...but this second instalment fell a little flat for me - so much so that I can't even remember what happened save for a few little details. Everyone loves this though! And I'm like...

why? what did I miss that everyone else got?

I still want to read the next book in the series - Escaping Houdini (which btw the cover was just revealed for and it is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL), so I will probably re-read this before that one and maybe pay attention this time I don't know. 

It's been a long time since I read these - I'm talking pre-motherhood which honestly feels like a different era altogether - so one could forgive me for forgetting them. I remember a few little things about Wither...next to nothing about Fever...and I honestly don't even know if I read Sever. I'm at war with myself I just can't recall it!! I stand by the fact that these are some of my favourite book covers EVER...but I can't say the same for the stories inside.

Also - I'm not entirely convinced it's the same girl on any of those covers?? 

Now then...
you may be wondering why Divergent isn't up here with it's siblings - and that's because I LOVED Divergent!! I have the BEST memories of reading that book (the movie too just blew me away)...but the rest of the series was 

I remember about 3.5 things from Insurgent, and apart from THAT ENDING in Allegiant...it's pretty much tabula rasa for that one. The movies followed suit too with the last ones dive-bombing with their book counterparts. 

I was so excited to read this book because it deals with a school shooting and I was interested to see how it was done...

and I still can't tell you how it was done.

The cover is striking...but the story was meh. I can remember the beginning...and that's it. No events. No character names. No ending. It all evades me.

And I'm not even sad about it. 

I still have so much guilt about this series. I binge-read the first two books and loved them...then waited over a year before reading the last one. Who even does that? 

I was so confused throughout the entire book that I think my mind drew a veil over it to protect me. A.G Howard gets the most amazing covers for her books, and I will forever love this series because pretty - but if you want to know how it all ended...ask someone else, I'm not your guy.

This is one of those books that I'm glad it fell out my brain. I didn't even try and catch it. I hated this book. It was weird...and not in a good way. I had no clue what was going on, the romance was terrible...and I glazed over for the last two-thirds of the entire thing. Nope. I don't remember you, and I like it that way thank you. 

Again...this series isn't even welcome in my memories. The first book was okay, and I remember bits and bobs of it....the second book was like pulling teeth out one by one...re-attaching them and pulling them back out again. It was painful. I remember nothing of the plot, only the pain...and it goes without saying that I never picked up the third book in the series. 

This book was not bad. Let me repeat...


In fact...this series is fantastic and these books are great. I was completely drawn into The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and immediately dived into this second book - but it was sooooo different that I was left a little confused. These books are so intricate....especially this one, and it's not the easiest to follow. I don't remember much of the plot (or ending), but I DO KNOW that I wanted to finish the series....so it can't have been bad...but I never actually did...so it can't have knocked my socks of either. Maybe I'll re-read this someday. 

According to Goodreads - I've read this book....

But I'm looking at it...and I'm reading the synopsis....and...

not. a. clue. mate. 

If I DID read this...it obviously went in one eyeball and out the other because not a fragment remains. 

I actually remember more of this book than I would ever care too. I WANT to forget it. I've served it an eviction notice but it's still hanging around. The Heir was a massive disappointment to me (having loved the Selection series as the ultimate guilty-pleasure read)...and it still makes me angry thinking of the self-entitled unlikeable little brat that is the main character. I don't remember much else...and I'm glad. Just think of the brain space I would have if I didn't remember this book. Think of the things I would fill it with.

Cake recipes.
More Hamilton lyrics.
How to train your cat. 

The list of things I would rather remember than this book is endless

So many hours spent on books that could've been spent on researching world domination and/or Mary Berry food photos. 

So much bookish information not retained. 

Ah well....what was I talking about? 

What books have you read and remember nothing about?
Do you ever wonder if it was even you reading them?
Do you feel like it's time wasted?
Talk to me


  1. Isn't it strange howbooks just seem to slip away like a friend who leaves a party without saying goodbye? My TTT Books I Don't Remember well

  2. Totally agree about This is Where it Ends and Matched, and I read all of the Girl Who series, but also really only remember the first one.

    1. I think the first book in that series is just so memorable because of how interesting and mysterious the story is. The rest feel complicated and political and confusing...I still liked them though, I just can't remember them haha!

  3. Your blog is so beautiful! I love the flowers you use to separate your list items!

    The Selection series is such a guilty pleasure for me, but I agree -- those last two books were rushed and not great. The protagonist wasn't *nearly* as sweet or relatable as America, and it was kind of unnerving that her daughter would've turned out to be SO thoughtlessly entitled!

    My TTT

    1. Thank you so much :) I just made the little divider with PicMonkey! Super easy! I don't even know what it was about The Selection series that made me devour and love it so much...but I did? I agree about America's daughter though...she's hideous. I would've preferred that this sequel duology didn't exist

  4. *raises hand* I RELATE SO MUCH. Basically to everything.😂 I can't remember anything I read...and if I don't review it straight away I won't even be able to review it omg that's how bad I am haha. I'm sitting here with no clue what happened in The Selection except for a tiny love triangle??? And that's probably why I never read the rest. Also I do actually remember what happened in the Divergent series but probably because I'm traumatised AFTER ALLEGIANT OMGGG.

    1. I too am traumatised by Allegiant. Just whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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