Friday, 19 January 2018

Using Pinterest for Writing Inspiration

Like a lot of writers, I use pictures as inspiration to help my tired little mind when writing. Sometimes just one image can trigger an entire scene, give you an idea about a character, or help you get the clothing right. Through a picture, you can view places you've never been to, sit in vehicles you've never been in, and gaze at food you will never eat. 

Keeping all this in mind...where else would one go in the pursuit of inspirational pictures than...

PINTEREST!! The Holy Land of Images. The Mecca of Photos.

If you don't have a Pinterest account yet I entirely recommend that you get one....and then prepare to lose hours of your life cycling through photos you never knew you needed to see. 

As I've said before, the pictures I use for inspiration on Pinterest very rarely represent EXACT characters, scenes, or moments in my book. All of those things come from my own mind
and what a scary place that is. 

No - I use Pinterest more for aesthetic reasons. I love collecting pictures and photos of all kinds of things related to my book, so when you view them you can get a sense of the overall tone that I'm going for. Scrolling through my Prince of Blades board is like getting a tiny slice of the pie... but it is only a sample piece that is nowhere near as big or juicy as the rest of the pie. 

What I'm essentially saying is my book is a pie and I want you to eat it. 

So for my writing post today I just wanted to share some of my inspiration pictures for Prince of Blades. You can of course view ALL OF THE DELICIOUSNESS on my full Prince of Blades Pinterest Board, but here are a few to tide you over. 

(Also....I won't really be featuring many character inspiration pictures....I already did that over on THIS POST...this will be mainly settings, scenes and costumes etc) 

So there we have it, there are just a few of the pictures from my Prince of Blades inspiration board. Don't forget to follow me over there for more updates and lots more piratey goodness! 

Do you have Pinterest?
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