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My Top Ten Bookish Boyfriends w/ FAN CAST!

This week's Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is a love freebie...a mushy-dushy free-for-all. Favourite kiss scenes. Favourite OTP's. Favourite non-canon ships....whatever you like...

So of course

I am taking this time to wax poetic about all of the fictional men I am hopelessly in love with and constantly compare my real-life prospects too thus they fail miserably. 

Anyone else? 

These are my top ten bookish boyfriends....complete with fan-cast pictures of what I KIND of imagine them to look like. 

DISCLAIMER: We all have separate imaginations...therefore we picture our book characters very differently. If you DON'T think one of my guys looks the way I said...that's fine...don't kill me for it. This is just the way I see them. Pitchforks down. 

That being said...


Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy

Dimitri is my number one.


Although the series itself wasn't the best thing I ever read....DIMITRI WAS! I completely fell in love with him in Vampire Academy and only continued the rest of the series because of him. By Shadow Kiss I was head-over-heels and also devastated!. Dimitri will forever top a list like this...there's just something about his character that is just so ME....

I love you Dimitri 

For the record....


Just no

It's hard for me to find any model/actor that I picture as Dimitri because he's just so perfect and specific....but the picture of Chris Hemsworth above next to the Vampire Academy cover is pretty close! 

Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices

The love triangle in The Infernal Devices is a perfect example of how that trope can be done well. I adored every point of the triangle...Tessa...Jem...Will...but my heart always swayed a little closer to Will.. I love my hilarious, damaged, sensitive, book-loving, demon-fighting little cinnamon bun and forever will....will...ya get it? 

I don't know who this guy above is...but he is kind of how I picture Mr Herondale in my head. 

Captain Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles

I'm a sucker for a funny guy - and Carswell Thorne is hilarious! His character had me laughing out loud so many times when I read this series and just like Cress I fell in love with him. 

'I promise, I will not let you die without being kissed.' 
Still one of my favourite lines ever *le swoon*

I can't remember exactly how Thorne is described in the books, but I always pictured him as Sam Claflin and I think he fits perfectly. 

Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre

Rochester is described in the book as ugly...yet I never saw him so - and judging by the way he is always cast in films and productions - I'm not the only one. Again...Rochester is funny (at least I think so) and while is character is MORE than problematic...I can't help but love him and will forever adore his and Jane's story. I don't have a specific picture in mind when I think of Rochester...but the Toby Stephens version is not hard on the eyes, is he? 

Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows

How perfect is this guy for Kaz?

I have no idea who he is, but give him a pair of gloves and a crow-topped cane and he IS Kaz! 

Kaz is another problematic character who isn't your typical hero - in fact he's far from it - but the complexity of his character, the genius of his brain, and the sensitivity of his heart just has to put him on this list. Two books wasn't enough Kaz for me, and I really hope that Leigh Bardugo writes more from him and the Dregs in the future because I NEED IT!! 

Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

I was always a Ron girl...never falling for The Boy Who Lived but preferring his red-headed, clumsy, loyal companion. I've always loved Ron's character, always shipped him with Hermione or myself and when Rupert Grint took on the role I thought he was perfect. 

Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle

Before anyone points out the glaringly obvious fact of why Ronan could never be my boyfriend
apart from that he's fictional and doesn't actually, you know, exist -


I want to keep this a spoiler-free zone as far as Ronan's concerned so I won't go into details...but I know we wouldn't be compatible. That does not stop me loving his character more than all the other Raven Boys and I think this guy looks pretty close to how I see him in my head. 

Thomas Cresswell from Stalking Jack the Ripper

A fairly new addition to the list...and I'm still not completely enamoured with him (some of his actions in the second book were questionable)...but I love how respectful and supportive he is of Audrey's non-traditional ways and for that reason he makes my top ten. Again - no idea who this guy is but he's how I picture Cresswell for sure. 

Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments

A list like this wouldn't be complete without the boy with a first name as a surname. While some fawn over the Jace and Julians of this world...I'm 100% team Simon and just wanted him to be happy throughout this entire series. I love how nerdy he is, how loyal to his friends even when he's terrified....and his ability to get himself into THE most dire of situations in every book. Yes. I'm a Simon fan most definitely, and Alberto Rosende plays him perfectly in the Shadowhunters tv show - one of the only good things about that adaptation in my salty opinion. 

Etienne St Clair from Anna and the French Kiss

A tentative addition from teenage self. 

You see, 

I LOVED Etienne when I first read this series. He ticked all of my little boxes back then and couldn't see any issues with him whatsoever. 

BUT...as a grown adult with more life-experience than teenage self and less blinkered eyes....I can see the problems with Etienne and his romance with Anna. Skirt around it however it tries - this book deals with cheating...at least EMOTIONALLY if not physically...and that's wrong. While I will always hold a place for Etienne in my heart...it's a place that is no longer viewed through rose-tinted glasses. 

Which book characters have you fallen in love with? 
Have your opinions changed of them since you first read them? 
Who do you fan cast as your favourites? 

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