Friday, 2 February 2018

January Writing Update + NEW AuthorTube channel !!

January was such a productive month for me!! 
(mainly because there was no uni and Sophia went back to school so FREE TIME!)

I had an exam at the start of January, and handed in the remainder of work for last semester...

  • one of those pieces was a research project on the growing demand for diversity in young adult fantasy fiction - a paper that I really enjoyed writing as it's a topic very close to my cold twisted heart. 
  • The second was a short story called 'His Friend Charlie.' I worked SO hard on this story, and wanted to screw it up and throw it in a bin at one point. 
It made meh feel like dis....

BUT in the end I managed to produce something that is very different from anything I've written before and I'm actually very proud of it. I maaaaaaaaaaay post it on this blog sometime soon if 

a) I feel brave enough 

b) anyone wants to read it 

c) I get a good grade and it's not actually a pile of shazoomi (dats a word yes? yes!)

Some things about 'His Friend Charlie'....

  • It's dark
  • It's violent
  • It's strange
  • There's more to the eye than what's on the surface
  • Unlikeable narrator
  • Toxic friendship
  • Sarcastic narration
  • Blood
Sound lovely? 

My WIP - Prince of Blades...
I really knuckled down on Prince of Blades this month...just like I promised last month and SEE I KEEP MY PROMISES!!! 

After spending waaaay too much time in doubt about this book over autumn/winter of 2017...I finally fell back in love with it and steamed my way through the first round of edits. 


Reader, I finished them

The book is nowhere near completion yet and there is still so much work to do - but it's one step closer to growing up and I'm so excited!! 

I'm going to do the next round of edits on paper so that I can see the words differently than on a screen...and to save my poor eyes for a while. So far, the story is sitting at 413 pages...which isn't TOO bad and way less than I thought it would be. So yay! 

Here it is all printed and ready to be butchered...

isn't she pretty? 


I have a scary announcement. 

Not SCARY as in a ghost is about to swoop in and steal your soul as it speaks...but more scary for ME!! 

So here goes...

It was one of my goals this year to finally create an AuthorTube channel to document my process and talk about all my writing stuff in yet another medium. 

Well I did it! 

Please CLICK HERE to be taken over to my brand new AuthorTube channel! 

So far there is only one video up...My January Writing Vlog PLEASE WATCH IT...but I have lots of ideas for other writing and bookish videos and I'm excited and terrified to start this new venture. This is a huge leap for me so I would really appreciate you hopping over there and subscribing to more videos from me :)

Did you get any writing done in January? 
How are you feeling about your progress on your current WIP? 
What are you working on?

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